‘When will Machines Think?’ Artificial Intelligence & Sentience

Beyond the pale, the novels of Senan Gil Senan

The exponential advance of technologies will soon provide technical answers quicker than they can be applied. We will be saturated in new technology & biotechnology which will be integrated into every aspect of our lives. There will then follow a pivotal moment in history when artificial intelligence likely achieves sentience sometime in the next decade which will raise some difficult questions for humanity. There is currently a race being conducted to create the first glimmer of consciousness from artificial intelligence. Despite the ramifications of such a deed, many pioneers including Google’s founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page see it as the holy grail in computing. Page believes that sentience will not be reached through complex mathematical algorithms but rather through immense processing power. To this end, Google have invested 9 billion dollars and the use of their 44 petaflops of processing power world wide towards achieving this goal. As of…

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