The Dawn of the Super Babies (and the end of natural conception)

Welcome to the dawn of the Super Babies, and how genetic engineering of embryos may change the nature of sex.
The genetic engineering of embryos and some other methods of enhancing human cognitive powers and intelligence are examined here. Why a social imbalance in human intelligence & ability may eventually lead to the demise of natural conception.

Beyond the pale, the novels of Senan Gil Senan

Since the dawn of mankind, we humans have become used to being the primary species on this planet. We are top of the food chain and have altered our environment to suit our needs. Our pre-eminence is not due to our size or strength but purely because of our greater intelligence. It now seems inevitable that on our current path of technological progress, we may soon enable the creation of a greater intelligence than our own. The arrival of artificial intelligence which is more capable, knowledgeable, and superior in intellect will be a game changer for us. It will increase the scope of possibilities for humanity and enable us to achieve feats that are so far unimaginable. The point of singularity will be reached when we can no longer comprehend, exploit or implement the new science and technology because of the limitations of our own intelligence. At this point, we…

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