Beyond the Pale (Dawn of the Transhuman)

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In a post apocalyptic society in which citizens are restricted to living within the confines of their designated city, an outlander is taken against his will to be processed as a new citizen of a dystopian walled citadel of New Denver which embraces eugenics and transhumanism. Here control and comfort compensate for the loss of living under the hardships of the free world outside.
It is the tale of the interaction of two conflicting alternative cultures as as exemplified through the interactions of two men who try to appreciate each others world and who share a joint interests but different values.
One is a young native American who lives in the harsh environment of a free world in a symbiotic relationship with nature. The other is a city dwelling urban elite living in an easy controlled world (managed and pre-determined)whose culture supplants nature with technology.
The young man becomes the guest of the other and becomes seduced by both the glamour and excitement of city life and with his host’s daughter. When he falls in love, he becomes an unwelcome guest, and unable to leave.
The plot moves fast, but always stays relevant to the subjects of transhumanism, transcendence, technetronic controlled society, elitism, the ancient origins of native americans, underground complex and Edward Cayce’s predictions on future society.

The Pale (An Pháil Sasanach), was the part of Ireland that was directly under the control of the English government in the late middle ages. By the 15th century it had been reduced to an area about twenty miles radius of the garrisoned city of Dublin. Beyond the pale suggested that anything outside the authority’s jurisdiction was uncivilized.
In truth, it was a matter of perception, the area beyond the pale was the rest of Ireland which had a well developed culture that predated the civilization of England. The problem lay in the fact that it remained outside of the control of England.
The pale in this scenario is the walled citadel of New Denver, but in a broader sense it refers to the control and transhumanist influences of the post apocalyptic society that numbers less than 500 million who are now confined to live within the bounds of the 250 metropolis worldwide. The areas outside are purposely depopulated and left to nature. However many residual outlanders refuse to live in the new citadels.
Society is at the dawn of a transhumanist transformation which is using technology to master nature. However some outlanders that remain beyond the pale feel that they are at the dawn of a transformation through transcendence. There is a dichotomy in their conflicting beliefs.


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